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About Us

The purpose of Launda is to empower all customers and service providers to live better lives!

History of Founders

After 30 years’ experience in the laundry and fabric care industry building one of Australia’s most successful businesses, co-founders George and Christina Masselos set out to develop Australia's most convenient, affordable and best quality home laundry and ironing service.

In the spirit of community and giving back, George was also a very active member of the Drycleaning and Laundry Institute of Australia, being on the National Board for 20 years, and was the National President for 4 years.

This background provides the perfect foundation for Launda, which aims to deliver a convenient and simple solution to everyday laundry woes, based on a philosophy of community, caring, attention to detail, and an enjoyable customer service experience every time.

About Launda

Launda is Australia’s first local peer2peer laundry marketplace, which means a community network of trained laundry Service Providers offering a pickup and delivery home laundry and ironing service dedicated to supporting the laundry needs of Aussies everywhere.

Our Service Providers are trained, accredited and rated and will process the wash/dry/fold and ironing in their own home laundry as well as the pickup and delivery to your door.

Launda will allow you to free up your time from the time consuming chore of laundry and ironing, to spend more time doing the things you really enjoy. This unique community-based service model lets you support the local service providers and also gives them the opportunity to create an income or additional needed funds.

In addition, we will support local events and get involved with local and international charities, one being OrangeSky, who provide a regular mobile laundry and shower service to the homeless and underprivileged around Australia.

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